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Environmental Services

Lamp & Ballast Recycling Service

For Waterloo Residents Only - Waterloo Utilities provides efficient and safe recycling and/or disposal of hazardous and potentially hazardous waste lamps, light bulbs, capacitors, computers and other PCB ballast components in an EPA approved facility.††Please stop in at our office before dropping off items for disposal.

Renewable Energy Incentive

Install your own equipment to harvest free and clean renewable energy from the sun and wind.

Focus on Energy provides Cash-Back Rewards and grants for eligible Wisconsin residents and businesses to install renewable energy systems, such as solar hot water, solar electric and wind. Cash-Back Rewards typically cover 20 percent to 25 percent of the installed cost of the system, making renewable energy systems more affordable.

Before moving forward with any renewable energy project, Focus on Energy recommends having a certified site assessment done on your home or property. A statewide network of certified site assessors is available to answer questions about the technologies and will provide you with unbiased, site-specific information on the renewable energy potential at your site.

To find out more, visit Wisconsin Focus on Energy or call (800) 762-7077.

Solar PV Buy-Back Energy Program

The Solar PV Buy-Back Energy Program encourages the installation of small scale solar PV projects by providing attractive incentives to a limited number of residential and business electric customers. A solar PV system can be a good choice for customers who want to increase sustainability by processing their own electric power.

For approved participants, we will purchase 100 percent of the renewable energy from the solar PV project, under a ten-year contract. Participants will receive 30 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of solar PV power purchased. By compensating the homeowner or business for the renewable energy that is generated, this program contributes to the solar PV projectís return on investment.

This buy-back program is being made available in order to encourage the development of locally sited and operated renewable energy demonstration projects.

We will help you evaluate the potential of your project, provide technical support and work with you to arrange for the renewable energy buy-back. For more information, contact Energy Services Representative, Cory Neeley, at 608 825-1755 or Solar PV Buy-Back Energy Program flier