• At Waterloo Utilties we don't just provide the power you use everyday. We are also invested in our community. After all, we live here too.

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    Waterloo Utilties has programs that can help your family save energy and money at home.

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    At Waterloo Utilties we know your time is important so we give you many quick and easy ways to pay your bill.


4-6 Age Group and Overall Winner Brooke Marie

7-9 Age Group Winner Carson

10-12 Age Group Winner Alexis



They're on call day and night, responding quickly to outages despite heat, cold, rain, and snow.  They're the first to respond during a storm, making the scene safe for other public safety workers...


Help us reduce chlorides at our Wastewater Treatment Plant.  By upgrading  your water softener to a demand-initiated regeneration control  model  you can help make a difference.  Demand-initiated...