Annual Sewer Cleaning

We have begun our annual routine sewer cleaning. This work will be done by a truck mounted unit called a Jet-Vac. The device uses a high pressure water hose to clean the sewer. In certain rare circumstances, the process can cause pressure and/or vacuum in the sewer which can result in sewer back-ups into nearby buildings or even splashing of water out of toilets. These events are more common in older homes where plumbing fixtures may not be properly vented. Usually the back-ups are minor, since the Jet-Vac does not use a large volume of water.
To minimize the chance of damage to your property, please move items of value off of the floor in the area of basement floor drains, and keep the lids closed on your toilets.
Again, the chance of any individual property experiencing a problem is very small, but we feel we need to notify you of this work so you can take precautions. Since it is impossible to predict where these problems may occur, Waterloo Utilities cannot be responsible for any damages which may occur. If you have experienced problems in the past during sewer cleaning, or if you have any other questions or concerns, please call the Waterloo Wastewater Treatment Plant at 920 478-2720. We apologize for the inconvenience.vac truck