Electric Safety


Downed Power Lines pose an extreme risk of electrical shock injury and electrocution.

  • Downed power lines can be deadly. Always assume the line is live and avoid going near it or making contact with it
  • Downed power lines can energize the ground up to 35 feet away
  • If you see a downed line, immediately notify local authorities by calling 9-1-1.
  • Never drive over downed lines or through water that is in contact with the downed line
  • Never try to move a downed line. Using items that are not conductive may not prevent injury or death
  • When moving away from a downed line, shuffle away with small steps, keeping your feet together and on the ground at all times
  • Never touch someone who has come in contact with a power line because they are energized and pose a danger to anyone who comes in contact with them

 What to do if downed power lines make contact with your vehicle

If your vehicle comes in contact with a downed line while you are inside

  • Stay in the car
  • Do not touch any part of the vehicle’s frame or any metal in the vehicle
  • Use a cell phone or honk your horn to summon help
  • Allow only rescue personnel to approach the car

If a vehicle contacts a power line or utility pole stay away and call 911

  • Consider all lines to be live and dangerous
  • Stay in place or inside your vehicle unless you see fire or smoke
  • Warn others to stay at least 35 feet away
  • Tell others not to approach vehicle, downed lines, or anything that may be in contact with downed lines
  • Call 911

In the Event of Fire or Smoke

If your vehicle is in contact with a downed line and you must exit due to fire or another imminent threat:

  • Do not touch your vehicle and the ground at the same time with any part of your body
  • Open the door to your vehicle without touching the metal door frame
  • Jump out of the vehicle with both feet together and so both feet land at the same time
  • Shuffle away and avoid lifting your feet, ensure both feet are always touching the ground