Electric/Water Meters changing to AMI or Smart Meters

We will by replacing all electric and water meters with AMI or Smart meters. Our lineman have starting replacing electric meters. In late February, our water crew will begin replacing water meters. Replacing the electric meter will cause a brief interruption (30-60 second) in your electricity. We will make an attempt to notify the customer by knocking on the door when we arrive. If no one answers the door we will assume no one is home and we will proceed with changing the electric meter leaving you a door hanger. Once your electric meter has been changed out you will be able to view real time usage on your MyAccount. If you do not have a MyAccount yet you can register for one by visiting our website www.waterlooutilities.com and clicking on the MyAccount icon. You will need your account number and name as it appears on your bill to register.

Replacing the water meter will require us to gain access to your basement. We will be sending letters to customers asking them to schedule an appointment with us once we have replaced your water meter. After you have an Water AMI meter installed you will be able to view your water usage in real time on your MyAccount also. You can also set up leak detection and high useage alerts on MyAccount.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the utility office at 920 478-2260.