Landlord Guidelines and Procedures


Please review these guidelines and procedures and note the Application for Service requirement when you have a new tenant.  We are required by the Public Service Commission and the Federal Trade Commission to have a completed Application for Service on file for every individual we provide service to, including you as landlords/property owners.  Service will not be transferred until we receive a completed application, please have tenants complete applications at lease signing.  You can find applications under the "Service Forms" drop down, under the Customer Service tab on this website. Cooperative communication between the utilities and you as landlords ensures smooth transitions.

  • Vacant Apartments:  The Utility does not disconnect or shut off the utilities between tenants.  Landlords will be billed for this time period.
  • Signing up for service:  Your tenant must sign up for utility service with us.  We require a signed application for service and a photo ID to verify identity.  Prior to the move-in date you may call to inform us of the tenant’s name and move-in date to assure that the meters are read on the appropriate date however, the utilities will not be transferred until completed application and valid photo ID are received.  Failure of proper notification and service application will result in the utility account remaining in the landlord’s name.
  • Deposits: We may refuse service or require a deposit from your tenant if they had/ have a delinquent account with us at a different service address.  In this case the utilities will remain in the landlord’s name until deposit is made or arrearages paid.  You may call the Utility office and check the payment history of any prospective tenant.
  • Joint Metering:  If you have a situation where there is one meter that services more than one unit, it is the owner’s responsibility to have that account in his/her name. (Please refer to Section 196.643(2) of Wisconsin Statutes on Joint Metering.)
  • Late Bills:  Reminder notices and Disconnect notices – Each month you should receive a list of your tenant(s) that have not paid their current bill. Disconnect notices will be sent to tenants 30 days or more past due.  We must give written notice to the tenant at least ten days before disconnecting service. Be sure to contact us to verify payments and payment arrangements, if the account is of concern to you.  We do have the ability to transfer outstanding utility bills to the property tax roll. (Please refer to 1995 Wisconsin Act 419 Section 2, and City Ordinance 13.33).
  • Moratorium:  During the winter months (from November 1st to April 15th) we cannot disconnect electric service.  The utility may not disconnect during a heat advisory, heat warning or heat emergency that is issued by the national weather service.
  • Cancellation of Service:  It is the tenant’s responsibility to notify the utility to end their service with us, and to provide a forwarding address.  We must do what the account holder asks us to do, if they call and ask us to final their account, we must do so.   
  • Final Bills:  Landlords will be sent copies of tenant’s final bills.  This way, if you plan to pay the bill out of the security deposit you have the amount owed and a return payment stub so the payment will be applied to the proper account.