Local Renewable Projects

Electric customers in Waterloo are benefitting from a new application of solar power in the city. The community-owned utility recently installed an array of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels at the utility office.

Solar PV systems collect energy from sunlight and convert it into electricity, providing renewable, emissions-free energy. The dual-axis tracker at Waterloo Utilities will produce approximately 4,476 kWh of electricity each year.

This highly visible project demonstrates the technology of solar power while educating the community on the benefits, operation, and performance of the PV array. A kiosk, recently installed in the utility office, displays the output details of the PV array and photos of the construction project. Stop in at the utility office and check it out! Or click here for output details.

Details of the Project:

  • 2.69 kW dual-axis tracker
  • 4,476 kWh per year
  • PV panels : Sharp 224W
  • Installed by Carroll Electric
  • Output details

Carbon Footprint Reduction – The output of this array is approximately equal to:

  • 2 tons of coal not burned every year
  • 4 tons of CO2 not produced every year
  • 8,097 miles of vehicle travel eliminated every year
  • 0.76 acres of Wisconsin forest land planted