PSC approves new rules for deferred payment agreements (DPAs) effective 6/16/17.

Waterloo Water & Light shall offer deferred payment agreements to residential accounts and may offer such agreements to other customers.  However, the Waterloo Water & Light will not offer a deferred payment agreement to a residential customer who is a tenant if any of the following criteria applies:

 1. The residential tenant has greater than $100 of account arrearages that are more than 90 days past due for utilities that bill monthly.

 2. The tenant has defaulted on a deferred payment agreement in the past 12 months.  This criterion only applies to deferred payment agreements and not to other types of payment extensions or agreements.

 3. The residential tenant is responsible for account arrearages that were placed on any property owner’s tax bill in the utility’s service territory in the past 24 months.

 4. The residential tenant has a balance that accrued during the winter moratorium that is more than 80 days past due.