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Waterloo Utilities staff are required to complete a survey of your water system for connections that could possibly contaminate the water in your home and/or the water distribution system.  This survey is to ensure everyone in your home and in our community has safe, clean drinking water by eliminating points of possible contamination.  This site survey, as well as correction of any cross connections identified, is mandated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. We ask for your cooperation during this process as utility staff will need to enter customer homes and businesses to complete the survey.

We would like to schedule a mutually-agreeable time for us to gain access to complete the cross connection survey.  For your convenience, you can schedule an online appointment by visiting our website or you may call 920 478-2260 to schedule.

We generally need about 30 minutes to enter your property and complete the survey.  Our available hours are 7:30am-4pm Monday -Thursday.  Limited other times are available upon request.